Hello, I’m Kevin Graham

  • I run Bulk Buy Hosting and LaunchCDN, services designed for people who manage private blog networks.
  • I also run Domain Name Sanity which offers WordPress Hosting, Domain Registrations and Cheap E-Mail Hosting services.
  • As a side project, I developed a simple personal CRM called Keep My Friends.
  • My current home base is Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  • I’ve been a digital nomad (although I hate that term) for the last 6 years – although I tend to prefer slow travel and having a home base than being constantly on the move.
  • I’m not much of a blogger, so you won’t find me publishing new articles here too frequently.
  • Where you will find me is publishing guest blogs and doing podcast interviews on other sites – I’ve collated a list of some of those appearances in the sidebar.
  • I have written a piece on “Getting Set Up in Chiang Mai in 24 Hours“. It’s designed to help digital nomads and contains everything you need to know about moving here. I also update it semi-regularly, whenever people have questions to ask about life in Chiang Mai.
  • At least compared to the blog, I’m a lot more active over at Twitter or on Instagram – but be warned, even there I can be pretty quiet at times.